Rules & Regulations

Discipline : To bring a high degree of value to each activity of learning, it needs discipline. It makes the students streamline and also develops their personality. Students of the school must abide by the rules & regulations of the school. They have to-

  • Attend the classes regularly
  • Sit for each & every Test positively
  • Be disciplined inside and outside the school campus
  • Keep the school campus clean and tidy
  • If any property/ equipment of the school is damaged by any student/ students, the loss caused to the institution shall be recovered from the student/students concerned
  • Misconduct & violation of rule and discipline of the school on the part of a student shall be liable for punishment, even to the extent of expulsion from the school.

Request To The Parents

  • Provide a congenial learning environment at home
  • Take care if they are mentally/physically stressed
  • Adopt realistic approach towards your children’s abilities and emphasize academic success rather than failure
  • Show forbearance in dealing with your son/daughter
  • Make it clear that your children are valued for reason entirely not disconnected with academic progress
  • Practice commitment as well as success and show interest in their achievements outside school work.
  • Avoid offering rewards such as money,bikes etc. for they may feel of being manipulated and might gradually lose interest in studies.

Class Routine And Holiday List

The academic calendar is designed with the aim of having maximum numbers of working days as far as practicable. A copy of which together with the Class Routine and Examination Schedule shall be handed over to every student at the beginning of the session.

Identity Card

Identity Card will be issued to every student and this must be displayed in person while in the School Campus.Any loss of identity card will be immediately reported to Administrative Officer in writing together with a stamp size photograph for issue of a fresh one with a penalty.

School Uniform

Wearing of School Uniform is mandatory for each & every student of the school. The Colour& Design of the uniform will be specified at the time of admission.  During winter season wearing of woolen sweater/cardigan by male/female students is compulsory.


  • Regular Attendance is must for each and every student.
  • Non-Attendance of classes by the students is viewed seriously by the School Authority and actions as deemed fit will be taken against the defaulting students
  • Unless a student attends a minimum number of classes held in each subject as fixed by the Authority, the student shall not be allowed to appear in the Final/ Council’s Examinations.

Notice Board

Students are advised to note carefully all the relevant notices regarding Admission, Attendance, Examinations, Extra-curricular activities and other matters displayed on the School Notice Board and to act accordingly. Ignorance of any information / order displayed in the School Notice Board will not be considered as an excuse.

For Parents/ Guardians

Parents /Guardians are earnestly requested to extend their active cooperation to the School Authority.

In order to acquaint themselves with the progress of studies, attendance and performances of their wards in the Unit Tests and Terminal Examinations, parents and guardians of 1st Year/ 2nd Year students along with their wards shall meet the Director/ Administrative Officer on any working day between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM once in every month beginning from August/ July respectively till the end of the session.

Evaluated answer scripts will be handed over to the students for appraisal of their parents/ guardians who will exert their influence to bring the defaulters, if any, to the right track.