Preparatory Classes

Aryan Sr. Secondary School is a well established name of Barak Valley in the field of imparting quality education to students. Guardians and students often make mistake while choosing their track for future academics after HSLC / X Board Exam. It is a visionary initiative of the school to find every student in their proper track of education by introducing preparatory classes after HSLC or X Board.

In its 13 year of journey, the school has seen many students could not perform as anticipated due to the wrong choice of streams and subjects. The school aims to guide aspirants with all experiences and inputs so that they can excel on their choice of subjects and streams.  At our preparatory classes, the HSLC or X Board appeared students are thoroughly judged by expert mentors in different phases.

  • It is an easy tool of exercise to know the potential of students and guide them accordingly
  • It helps students to focus on their career objectives.
  • It will deliver result as expected
  • It minimizes doubts during study
  • It will not create extra pressure to students to perform tasks.

Science Stream of the school is very strong in terms of infrastructure, faculty and study materials. Students of thisstream are well guided by teachers of respective subject. Besides, they are supported by well-arranged study materials, lab experimentations, and performance evaluation system at the campus. The school generates high stand performance in the Board Exam every year.

Arts mentors of the school are also well-versed in their subjects and adopt methodical approach while giving lectures at classroom. The school delivers outstanding result scenario every year. Students can find support from respective guides if any doubts arise during study time. The school provides quality study materials to students to let them excel in their study.

Commerce Stream of the School has a distinct position in imparting value based education to the young people of this locality. The stream is run by anarmy of reputed teachers. Ever since its inception the school has yielded number of undergraduates who have excelled high while pursuing higher education.